Sandy Lewis Shag Special 

6-8th of December 2024

Sandy is a power house dancer, teacher and MC living in Barcelona sharing her knowledge with enthusiasm and ease. And there´s much more to this vibrant person than that. So let´s meet her at this cosy Collegiate Shag workshop in Darmstadt. We bring you a total of 9 hours of Solo & Partnered classes for intermediate & up level, a soul dancing taster, a history talk, a special theme party on friday, and a community dinner on sunday to let the weekend unwind and get to know each other even better.

8 hours partnered & solo Collegiate Shag, Body awareness training & history session
1h Soul special on friday + Party with DJ Sandy!

145€/160€ solidarity pass for 9 hours of amazing Sandy "kickass" Lewis

The Band for saturday are the amazing Gramophoniacs. Wanna join the Party?
Book your ticket seperatelly here.
Note: The saturday party is NOT included in the workshop price!

Registration is open. We keep updating the page with more details soon. Do not miss this opportunity and follow us on social media. Check out Sandy´s Instagram account  for inspiration. Photo: David Poul

Visiting DArmstadt

When visiting the city of DArmstadt be sure not to miss some of its beautiful points of interest. If you´re lucky you start at the train station that was built 1912 in a late art nouveau style. Most of the city was destroyed during the 2nd WW and buildings were put up quickly and efficiently afterwards, like in many places that time. But some beautiful houses are still left from the 19th or even 18th century that weren't burnt down or hit by bombs, like the castle and the UNESCO World Heritage "Mathildenhöhe". Any art nouveau and Jugendstil architecture lover should take a look at this gem (* read more further down).
There are a lot of parks, always some exhibitions, a theater, botanical garden, natural history museum, small zoo, the "Hundertwasser-Haus" and as a city with a big university and two other colleges there are lots of bars, restaurants and many cultural and sport activities, like bouldering, a climbing gym. 

UNESCO World Heritage -Mathildennhöhe

*On the UNESCO world heritage convention website you find theses information:

"Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt

The Darmstadt Artists’ Colony on Mathildenhöhe, the highest elevation above the city of Darmstadt in west-central Germany, was established in 1897 by Ernst Ludwig, Grand Duke of Hesse, as a centre for emerging reform movements in architecture, arts and crafts. The buildings of the colony were created by its artist members as experimental early modernist living and working environments. The colony was expanded during successive international exhibitions in 1901, 1904, 1908 and 1914. Today, it offers a testimony to early modern architecture, urban planning and landscape design, all of which were influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement and the Vienna Secession. The serial property consists of two component parts including 23 elements, such as the Wedding Tower (1908), the Exhibition Hall (1908), the Plane Tree Grove (1833, 1904-14), the Russian Chapel of St. Maria Magdalena (1897-99), the Lily Basin, the Gottfried Schwab Memorial (1905), the Pergola and Garden (1914), the “Swan Temple” Garden Pavilion (1914), the Ernst Ludwig Fountain, and the 13 houses and artists’ studios that were built for the Darmstadt Artists’ Colony and for the international exhibitions. A Three House Group, built for the 1904 exhibition is an additional component."

The Gramophoniacs

Get your ticket for 7th of December

The Gramophoniacs are a amazing band and well established since a few years in the european swing dance szene. The will play for us at the event location "Centralstation". Klick below to get an impression of their energy and to save your ticket for saturday night. 

Solidarity payment option

One of the core values at Sunny Side Swing is to serve our community. We would not be here without the support we receive from our local community and therefore we do our best to also give back. Whenever you choose to pay a solidarity class fee you are providing your support to the local community by enabling us to provide these kinds of services on a consistent basis. We provide reduced-price or free entrance to lessons and workshops to people in special situations, whether it be students, people experiencing a difficult financial or personal situation in their lives, children, elderly, people with disabilities, or those important people who act as caretakers for special needs children and adults. We also have refugees here in our community who are both students as well as teachers. Your support has allowed us to offer discounts to teachers renting this studio so that they can support themselves financially and build a new life here in the local region. We believe it is important that people try to engage in fun and fulfilling activities despite hardships and at Sunny Side Swing, we donate our time and money to help these people do that. We believe it can make the difference in helping them through a difficult situation, or difficult moment in their lives. We are continuously investing in additional course options as well as in the lives and well-being of our participants. Your financial support helps us do that and we thank you for helping to pay it forward and for allowing us to do this not just today but to be a place people can count on for years to come. 

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